Complete Care Of Modern Air Conditioning Units Through Unswerving Repairing And Installation Services

Whether it is a commercial building or a private property – we are here to offer full support to your air conditioning units in terms of installation and repairing. Our engineers are always ready to work in challenging situations where they can prove their professional skill. No matter whether it is ducted or split; centralized or single unit – Maxcol Air Conditioning Services can let you enjoy the best cooling as per your desire. We use the best quality materials for repairing and installation processes that let the unit to work longer and stay secure. We ensure fresh, healthy and cool air for you.

Installation Services

Any brand, any company, anywhere – we are ready for it. Is it a ducted AC unit? Or do you need us for Split Air Conditioning Installations services? Our skilled and experienced technicians are capable enough to carry out the task of installation of AC units without any flaw. It can be your home, office, factory or any other place in which you wish to install the AC; just give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

It can be an old unit which you want to reinstall in a new room – yes we can do this for you too. We remove, shift and reinstall old AC units as per your needs and budget because our aim is to make AC installation a hassle-free job for you.

Repairing Services

In Maxcol Air Conditioning Services we perform the repairing task of all types of AC units. We are here for both Split system repairs and Ducted Systems repairs. Regardless to the extent of complexity of the damage in the unit, our highly qualified and experienced technicians are confident to repair the same and help you to have your AC back in its form within the shortest possible time.

We are available for Coolroom repairs jobs for any commercial or industrial building. Such kind of repairing task demands a lot of technical knowledge about the modern cooling units and their advanced setups. Our mechanics are well aware of these techniques and ready to fix the issues with ease.

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